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Learn how to uninstall Windows 10 and back to Windows 7 or 8.1

You’re already running Windows 10 for over a week now, but the new system simply isn’t working for you. Maybe a critical program does not work properly, maybe you don’t like the new start menu, or perhaps find Cortana rather odd.

If that sounds like what you are feeling, it may be time to do a downgrade to your previous windows 10 professional activation key cheap system and try again later.

To make life easier for users of Windows 7 and 8.1 easier, Microsoft will allow you to do a process back on installing Windows 10 to the previous system in up to 30 days after the upgrade. And don’t worry – if you want to go back to Windows after 10, you can still take advantage of the free upgrade to the new Windows for the next 12 months.

But it’s good to keep in mind that to downgrade to your previous system requires that you have your folder Windows.old in C:\Windows.old. If you delete this folder after upgrade, or you’ve done a clean install of Windows 10 after the upgrade, you’re out of luck.

Get ready to downgrade

Before using the return option, take some time to configure things. First of all, make sure you have backed up all your data in an external HD or in a cloud-based backup service, like Backblaze or Carbonite.

It is also important to make sure that you have the access codes/keys from your Windows 7 or 8:00 pm hands if necessary. You may not need them, but no harm having them if you want to be more careful. And do not bother to save your product keys of Windows 10 product key they are handled differently than in previous versions of the system.

The keys to their legacy systems should be on a sticker on the back of the PC (under the battery for a laptop), or included with the system discs that came with your PC.

Once you have it all organized, it’s time to start the process. Open the start menu, select the app settings (Settings) and go Update & (Update & Security) > recovery (Recovery).

If you are eligible to do the downgrade, you should see an option that says go back to Windows 8.1 (Go back to Windows 8.1) or go back to Windows 7 (Go Back to Windows 7). If you see this, click Start (Get Started) and follow the instructions.

Once you have gone back to the earlier version of Windows, you will need to adjust the system to your settings again. Older programs may need to be reinstalled, and if you had a different password in the old system in relation to the Windows 10 professional product key, you will need to enter this old password.

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Recover your system after the upgrade to Windows 10

You upgraded your operating system to Windows 10, but didn’t work? Windows is not functioning windows 10 product keys normally or is not starting? All is not lost. Here are some tips to try to restore your old version of Windows and, who knows, your data.

Try to restore your old Windows upgrade to Windows 10 with all your data cheap windows 10 product key

Step n° 1: access the advanced boot options

You’re in luck, since the Windows 8, the advanced boot menu is much better. To access it, at startup, hold down SHIFT and F8. Repeat the operation as many times as needed.
Step n° 2: using your backup

If you made a backup, it’s time to use it. Click Advanced options and select the System Image recovery. With a little luck, you can restore your Windows 7/8.1:

Step n° 3: If you don’t have a backup

If you don’t have a backup, restart your computer while holding down the SHIFT key and F8. Then go to advanced options and go back to my previous version of Windows. If you’re lucky, Windows will restore your Windows 7/8.1 with all your documents!


Attention: this operation can be lengthy.
Restore from Windows 10

During Windows startup 10 you may not want to access the diagnostic utility to restore Windows 7/8.1. If that’s the case, you can do so from the Windows 10 settings. For this, start the application, Update and recovery Settings and go back to my previous version of Windows:

Save your documents

If all attempts fail, you can try to recover your documents with Linux.
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Below is considered the most common cause of reboot Windows 7 and effective method for its quick decision. REMOVE UPDATE Windows 7 Update installation Center KV971033 is a utility that allows users to install all the latest drivers and updates the system. However, sometimes the operating system of a personal computer and windows 7 professional product key installed the Centre element may be incompatible.

By far one of the most problematic updates Windows 7 is KV971033 component, which, in most cases, disrupt your computer’s operating system. To uninstall an update KV971033 such action should be followed: from the control panel go to Windows Update; in the lower left corner windows 7 home product key of the window, select the tab “update management” and wait for the list of all installed items preload; Select the item “update for Microsoft Windows (KV971033), click on it, right-click the bears and on the pop-up menu, select Delete. Uninstalling updates can take several minutes. When removal is complete, reboot the system.

Activate Windows after you uninstall the update KV971033 you want to activate Windows 7. For this purpose it is necessary to establish a special activator for Windows 7. It can be downloaded from various Web resources.

To activate the OPERATING SYSTEM follow the instructions: start an account with administrative privileges; through the start menu, go to the command line; Enter text in it (without the quotes): "slmgr-rearm and press Enter. This command allows you to extend the use of the operating system on 30 days, without violating the license agreement. EFI command does not work, try to enter "slmgr/rearm”;

restart the computer; activate operating system using previously downloaded Activator. CLOSE ACCESS to UPDATE KV971033, the next step is to deny access to update KV971033 so that in the future again get cheap windows 7 product key confronted with failures in the system.

The process of closing access to updating KV971033 looks like this: the first step, you should go to Windows Update; Select the tab “required update” and in the list box, select KV971033; Click on the right button bears and select “hide update”.


OTHER SOLUTIONS apart from the situation with KV971033, there are many other causes of systemic restart of the computer. Take a look at some of those causes and solutions: building a PC too small for its contents. The solution of this problem is an urgent replacement of the hull, because remember that poorly ventilated housing leads to the next and more important problem; overheating of the processor and other components. The main reason is insufficient cooling components within the chassis. To fix this problem, open thebuy windows 7 product key computer case and clear the contents of the dust. You should also check all fans. To avoid problems in the future, install specialized utilities that monitor CPU temperature; a weak power supply. This power supply is unable to cope with the tasks set by the computer. This problem is not very common, but still is the place to be. The solution to the problem is replacing the power supply; lack of RAM or its defects. A fairly common problem in the system. For testing you can use independently of the OP a number of programmes, but it is better to contact the job Service Center. The solution is replacing the RAM module.

The article addressed most of the causes of constant rebooting my computer running Windows 7. Provides detailed instructions for troubleshooting. Note that you first need to accurately determine the cause of the problem before most begin to fix system problems.

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Real clean install of Windows 10 without a previous upgrade?

For days, there is a trick which you can use to install a Windows 10 without previous upgrade installation buy cheap windows 10 product key and without the variant called a clean installation “light” by us directly in the network. In some cases, this approach is even advisable or necessary. We introduce here the trick which requires little effort.

Addendum 12.11.2015: With the release of version 1511 Windows 10, this system can be too ‘clean’ installed and activated the license key of Windows 7 or Windows 8.x. More information see Windows 10 version 1511 build 10586 - the expected autumn upgrade for Windows 10.

Starting position
As we already have made it clear clean installing Windows 10 in our article is a previous activation for a real clean install, i.e. Windows on an empty disk, necessary, because to get no serial number for the free upgrade by Microsoft, that would be actually necessary for the installation.

For Windows 10 in a clean install without serial number is automatically activated, an upgrade from a previous Windows must be made once before. This stores a fingerprint of the PCs Microsoft on the license server and checks it for each new installation of Windows 10. Is the license server be okay, is enabled without a key after installing Windows 10.

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Clean installation better choice
An upgrade installation is always the worse choice since this many traps and problems lurking. Who is so not necessarily dependent on a takeover of all data and programs, should take a complete reinstall.

For Microsoft the clean installation windows 10 offers something hidden “light”, which may simply be pushed through the media creation tool.

Suitable for all situations
However, there are situations in which a 'real’ clean installation would be but the better way. So, no change from 32 to 64-bit is possible with the previously described paths. Also deal with the real new windows 10 installation problems out of the way, resulting from the setup of an active Windows, of which there are some according to forums.

The trick with the ticket
There’s a simple trick to get the ticket for the installation of Windows 10 on a bare system without prior activation via an upgrade. First you need the installation disk Windows 10 as an ISO file or download on a USB-stick - it can media creation tool (another PC).

From disk to copy the file gatherosstate.exe from the sources folder.
You will start this file somewhere else on the PC, or USB stick. After a moment, the tool created then - unless one is entitled - a GenuineTicket.xml.

This includes an ID for the license server to enable later, first in XML format.

It backs up this file on a USB stick and later buy windows 10 product key installed Windows 10 clean without having to enter of a serial number.

After 10 then Windows is freshly installed, to change the view in the Explorer, in the folder options to show hidden files and folders.

Then copy the file GenuineTicket.xml into the normally hidden folder


After a restart, buy Windows 10 product key should be enabled.

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Windows 8 Update to Windows  8.1

Upgrade from Windows 8  to Windows 8.1 is free.

Before you install the update, you should create a backup system to in case any problems was able to roll back any changes. After the backup is ready, you can begin the process of updating the system.

Go to “Control Panel” → “Windows Update” and make sure that you have installed all the latest system updates (at least you want to install updates, 2,871,389 and KB 2917499 KB). This is important, because only these updates after installation there is an opportunity to upgrade to Windows 8.1. (data updates can also be downloaded from from here)

After the updates are installed, you must log into the app store through the startup screen and choose Windows 8.1 product key Update installation .

Download and install the update takes several hours. While downloading updates, you can perform other day-to-day operations and put the computer to sleep. But during the installation of buy windows 8.1 product key the system cannot be touched (including transfer to gibernizaciû or overload on/off) without prompting system.

If done correctly, then after rebooting you will have a new version of the operating system. The distinctive feature of it is born the Start button on the taskbar. Can also be set in the preferences system cheap windows 8.1 keys loaded directly onto the desktop.

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How to activate Windows 8 by phone

Many people are interested in, how to activate Windows 8 by phone , if no funds to purchase the licensed version and access programs-aktivatoram risky. Of course, this procedure is more complicated than the banal connection caller ID on the phone, and yet it is real. In order to carry out the activation process, you will need:-a mobile device; -Working key, which can be found on the Internet; -The disabled network connection. Preparing to activate Windows 8 on the phone before dialing the telephone number of the company Microsoft, you should do some cheap windows 8 product key actions on the computer:
1) disconnect your Internet connection.
2) locate the command prompt (Administrator).
3) Here, type slmgr.vbs/ipk and through the SPACEBAR key, which you have already found on the Internet.
4) After key installation Windows 8.1 Enterprise product Key messages go into the control panel and choose system and security. 5) in this section, locate the “system” and click on “learn more about activating Windows.”
6) before you float window, and if the Internet is disconnected, you will see the string “activate by phone”. Click on it.
7) select your country and click “next”. The process of preparing the computer to activate the system. By following these steps and complete the activation, you will be able to choose a Chinese phone or take other buy windows 8 key actions on the Web, using a licensed version of Windows 8.

activate Windows by phone after all actions will be completed on your computer, you need to know how to activate Windows by phone 8. To do this:
1) from the mobile device dial toll-free Microsoft-8-800-200-8002.
2) talk with you will not live a man and robot, so do not ask unnecessary questions, they still don’t answer.
3) after the greeting you are asked a question about license type: 1-private, 2-corporate. Select the digit 1.
4) Then you will be asked to listen to some information, after which you will be asked to enter blocks of digits that will be displayed on a computer that is on a scale from 1 to 9. Do not hurry, enter numbers carefully. In each block will be 7 digits.
5) as soon as you enter the final block of numbers, the robot will dictate the whole code entirely. If you made a mistake somewhere, it prompts you to connect to a human operator. In this case, hang up and call the call.
6) if the code was entered buy windows 8.1 product key correctly, the robot asks: “how many devices you are running a validly licensed version?”. Press the number 1.
7) now robot may dictate the code which you must enter in the field, placed on your computer under the letters from a to h. Total happens 8 blocks on 6 numbers each. Each robot will repeat 2 times.
8) then click the “activate” button and close the window. If all the above steps have been performed correctly, from this moment you are a user of Windows 8  license activated .

windows 8 windows 8 product key

How to retrieve the product key Windows 7-8 when the computer does not start.

To install or reinstall the Windows operating system, you must have your product at hand key. The product key is typically on the back of your laptop or DVD. Users who have purchased this product online can find the mail with the Windows product key in their Inbox.

Users who do not have the windows 7product key can use third-party tools, such as Windows Product Key Viewer and LicenseCrawler to recover the product key for Windows 7 and Advanced Tokens Manager Download for Windows 8. But how to retrieve the product key of Windows from a computer that does not start?

NOTE: This method is to download a software cheap windows 7 product keys on the Internet. Therefore, you need another PC to download the software. This guide applies to computers running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Step 1: Download Lazesoft Recover My Password Home on another Windows machine running. This software which allows you to reset the Windows password can also recover the product key for Windows.

Step 2: Install the program and run it (obviously on the computer that is working properly).

Step 3: In the home screen, you will see an option to create CDs / key USB boot. Click on the button ’ burn CD / USB boot “, then click on ‘next ’.

Step 4: Select the CD / DVD or a USB flash drive that can be used as a means of recovery and click on the button «OK»

Recover My Password may need a few minutes to create your startup tool. Once your CD or USB recovery cheap windows 7 product keys is ready, you will see the message "the recovery disk is ready. Click 'Finish’ to exit.

Step 5: Insert the CD / DVD into the optical drive recovery or plug the bootable USB key into your computer and restart your PC genuine windows 7 product key to display a screen where you can select the boot device.

Note: To boot from a DVD or a USB key, you might need to apply some changes in the BIOS.

Step 6: Select Lazesoft Live CD [EMS Enabled] and press ENTER to start to load the required files.

Step 7: On the screen select "Recover Windows product key”, then click on the button «Next» to view the key. Thats all. You can now rate the product key.

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How to disable Windows Update 10?

Windows 10 automatic updating enabled operating system. In most cases, this does not create any inconvenience to the user, on the contrary, it enhances the security and stability of the system. But there are situations when you need to disable Windows automatic update 10. For example, if you use mobile Internet with payment for traffic. If you encounter such a problem, then we will try to help you. In this article you will learn how to disable Windows 10 update.

Important note. This article is written based on Windows 10 Technical Preview (preliminary technical version). In this version in order to make changes in the update settings you want to modify the Group Policy (step # 1). Probably in the final version of Windows 10 this step can be skipped and go directly to step # 2.

Step # 1. Changes in group policy.

In order to make changes to the group policy you want to open the Local Group Policy Editor. To do this, press the key combination Windows-R and in the window that opens, enter the command “gpedit.msc”.

Then you will see the window “Local Group Policy Editor. Here you need to go to the section "Configuration-Administrative Templates-Windows Components-Windows Update. Here you need to find the "configure automatic updates” and open it. In the English version of Windows this entry 10 called “Configure Automatic Updates” and can be found under Computer Configuration-Administrative Templates-Windows Components-Windows Update.

Further you will see a window titled “configure automatic updates”. Here you need to mark “enable” and choose the 5-th item in the drop-down list. Then close the window by pressing Ok.

Then reboot your computer to ensure that the changes we’ve made will take effect.

Step # 2. Disable Windows automatic update 10.

Now we can disable Windows Update 10. To do this, open Control Panel and go to the section “system and security-Windows Update and click on set preferences link.

After that you will see a window with Windows Update settings. Here you can open the drop down menu and choose one of three ways to update Windows 10.

The default setting is "automatically install updates.” If you select this method, all updates occur automatically without user intervention. The system automatically downloads and installs updates.

The second option “Download updates for me, but a decision about installing accepted me. In this case, the system will automatically download updates from the Internet, but before you install will ask permission of the user.

The last option "search for updates, but the decision about the downloading and installation of accepted me. In this case, the system only informs users about available updates. Download and install occur only with the permission of the user.

Disabling the service responsible for Windows 10 Update

You can also disable the service, which is responsible for updating the Windows 10. In this case you completely disconnect the system updates. To do this, press Windows-R and run the command "services.msc”.

windows 10 windows 10 update

How do I find my activation key windows XP, 7, 8, 8.5, 10

Hello dear friends! In this article I will show you how to find your activation key windows XP, windows 7, 8, 10. I have been asked many times, how do I know activation key from your windows system? It so happened that the activation key is lost or the sticker on the back side of the laptop or the system just zaterlas′ and see the key I just can’t. You need to reinstall windows 7 home product key the system and you need your windows 7 activation key, that would then reactivate windows help Board.
And so let us begin, in the first method, we use the script from the microsoft website. Create a plain text document on your desktop.

Next, we need to create a text document insert windows 7 lisense this script. Select a script, copy and paste it into a text document.

After you’ve pasted the script into a text document, you must save the document with the extension .vbs. To do this, click on the file and item in the drop-down list, choose “Save as”.

In the window that appears in the Save as type box, select “all files (*. *)” and write any name for the file, I wrote windowssss.vbs. Click the “Save” button.

After you click on the “Save” button you will have such a file.

Open this file and you will see the long-awaited activation key its windows system. You can click the ’ x ’ or OK, an additional window opens with information about the windows product ID and activation key, respectively.

That’s as simple as that, you can check your activation key on your computer. Let’s look at another way, more simple using the utility KeyFinderInstaller.
How do I know activation key my windows using KeyFinderInstaller utility
Download the KeyFinderInstaller utility from this link, install it. Once the utility is installed, click on the shortcut on the desktop and is visible in the window required information.

If you have a computer has installed other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft office, you can find the windows 7 activation key product data, simply choose a product in the window and see the information. That’s all, now you know how to find out your windows activation key. I hope the article will be useful for you, good luck!

activation key windows 7 key

How to remove the Windows registry 7 product activation key?

A product key is required to activate Windows. Once activated, it is not necessary, but it is stored in the registry of the operating system, where it can be retrieved Trojan program in order to start using it with pirated versions of Windows. This situation can result in so that Microsoft will bring your key is blacklisted and you will not be able to update buy  windows 7 key the operating system running with it. To avoid these problems, it is better to remove the product key from the registry immediately after activation of Windows 7.

For this purpose it is necessary to proceed in the following sequence.
1. log into Windows 7 Administrator rights.
2. Click Start, in the search string type slui.exe and press ENTER. This is necessary in order to make sure that you have already activated buy windows 7 pro key your copy of Windows 7 (if not, activate).
3. Click Start-all programs-> > Standard-> command line (either at the command prompt, type cmd).
4. Enter slmgr-cpky and press ENTER.
5. When you remove the key, you will see the message: “the product key was successfully removed from the registry. Just click OK and purchase new windows 7 key close the command prompt window.
When you complete all operations described above, your Windows 7 key cheap will retain activation status, but the activation key of the product will be removed from the operating system registry.
Note. If you need again to activate Windows 7, then you will need to re-enter your product key. So it is better to write down the key.

activate Windows 7 windows 7 key